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Each Life Is Worthy
Joy, Knowlege, Curiosity
Accept, Receive, Give

Everyone has something to work on, and everyone has something to give. Let us support you in identifying and then nurturing your child’s maximum potential. We specialize in finding the clear path through even the most complex developmental situations- behavioral, social, cognitive, academic and any combination thereof.

Contact us for a developmental education consultation and let us start supporting you now.

Getting Started

Consultation costs start at $250 per 60-minute session and includes a digitally delivered recommendation for a course of action.


For most of our services, an initial consultation is the first step in finding a clear path to reach your goals. An Initial Consultation varies by service area, but general includes:

  • Full review of all existing documentation
  • 60 minute session in person or via a virtual meeting platform
  • Follow-up documentation that transcribes the above session as well as outlines clear next steps towards realizing parenting, financial and/or personal goals

Price for Initial Consultation is $400.

Ongoing Support

After the initial consultation, we provide ongoing support.
Pricing for hourly ongoing support is $250/hour

Service Packages

For some of our services, we can provide a flat rate package that includes an initial consultation and ongoing support. Pricing for these packages starts at $1500 and covers 3 months of service. Sample packages include:

IEP / 504 Review package:

  1. Initial Consultation (see above)
  2. Drafting of Parenting Order, Custody Plan, Visiation/Transfer Plan, Financial Planning or IEP/504 adjustments
  3. 3 x 60 minute sessions in person or via virtual meeting platform in order to track progress and modify plans as needed


Long and Short Term Goals: K through 12 Tutoring for all content areas and ability levels.

Packages start at $125.00 per month. Email Us to create a plan to maximize your child’s potential in a fun, supportive, nurturing and immediate way! We address complex achievement gaps (LD, Medical Diagnosis, Behavioral Health Challenges, Diagnosis Medical Fragility, ESL and/ or Trauma). We facilitate plans with immediate gains for families for whom all other programs have failed.

Let us start supporting you now! IEP/ 504 Reviews, advocacy, and support through our development educational services are also available.