Our goal is to provide our clients the tools they need to be successful in parenting.  “Success” will look different for every client.  That is why create plans personalized to each client.  We provide not just hope, but also measurable progress.  In the end, you will feel better, be better, and parent better.

But don’t just take it from us.  Read below testimonials from recent clients who have made real progress.

“Working with my GoodParent Coach is the best decision I’ve made as a parent.  I was struggling as a dad, and in a power struggle with my pre-teen/teen children.  I felt like a failure and not in control.  I had sought family coaching but found it unhelpful – even counterproductive.  My GoodParent Coach, Stephanie, worked with me to identify a therapist who is a good match for me.  More importantly, Stephanie works with me regularly, giving me a concrete activities and ‘homework’ that has accelerated my progress immeasurably.  I’m now in totally different place with my relationship with my children.  I can’t recommend GoodParent Coaching enough!

Father of 3