Our GoodParent Coaches offer remote ‘teletherapy’ and education plans over Skype to support you wherever you are. And with our deep expertise in curriculum development, home-based education, and adolescent development, we can create a customized at-home education plan that will be practical for you and effective for your child.

Parenting is never what we think it will be. The stress, anxiety, and fear that come along with engaged parenting can be debilitating. Let us help you successfully navigate even the most complicated parenting situations.

There is no family system conundrum that we can’t find a clear, productive path through. Special needs, medical fragility, behavioral health concerns, divorce – we will get you through to the other side.

We help our clients by creating concrete, actionable plans based on the goals that they are working towards, often set in their own coaching sessions.  Our approach accelerates progress by providing real-world application outside of coaching sessions.

What is a GoodParent Coach

A GoodParent Coach is a partner to support a client in achieving parenting goals.  A Coach provides practical assistance between coaching sessions, providing accelerated progress with concrete actions.

How do I know when I need a Coach?

If you are struggling as a parent, and not feeling that your current therapeutic plans are not moving your forward, a Coach can help.

Will this be effective for me?

If you are willing to engage and be open to our guidance: Yes. How can we be so sure? Because we individualize each plan to each client, and we have demonstrated efficacy with 100% of our clients in over 20 years of practice.

What can I expect?

You can expect personalized attention from a compassionate Coach who knows how to navigate the most complex family circumstances. You can expect a concrete plan that accelerates the progress that coaching promises. And you can expect your Coach to be with you through all the ups and downs of the journey.