How do I know when I need a Coach?

You may feel a lack of progress in your parenting relationships.  Like something is missing, but you can’t quite articulate it.  Or you’ve hit a wall and are screaming with frustration.  Or you are simply lost in a sea of anxiety.

Coaches help with these situations when other things you’ve tried aren’t working.  We help you chart a clear path to your goals and accelerate your progress towards them.

To see if a Coach can help you, answer these questions.

    1. Do you ever leave a coaching, counseling, or group session feeling overwhelmed by not knowing what to do next?
    2. Do you ever feel that you make progress only during coaching sessions, and not between coaching sessions?
    3. Do you sometime have a question for your therapist, but must wait until your next coaching session to ask it?
    4. Do you find coaching often cathartic, but sometimes not useful beyond the afterglow of a coaching session?
    5. Do you wish you had someone to debrief a coaching session with, because some of it was confusing?
    6. Have you set goals for yourself, but then have a difficult time getting traction in your day-to-day life?
    7. Do you wish you had someone to help you make progress?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, a Coach can help.