What is a GoodParent Coach?

Even the best therapeutic approaches can lack a practical component that provides real-world tools and useful assistance in between coaching sessions. Coaches don’t just fill that gap; they accelerate progress by translating therapeutic discoveries into achievable goals and specific actions.

Coaches meet their clients whenever it is convenient and wherever is most comfortable.  Meetings often occur over Skype in the evenings.  The important thing is to have an environment that provides for focus, safety, confidence.  Coaching can happen as frequently as a client needs.  It simply takes consistency and commitment.

The coaching process is highly individuated.  Every client has different needs and family situations, so the Coach will customize the frequency, goals, activities, and pace for each client.  The goal is to keep you on track to parenting success.

What is different about our approach?

  • Parenting is hard, even under the best circumstances.  We specialize in complex cases – often when trauma, conflict, addiction and behavioral issues make progress seem impossible.
  • We combine compassion with pragmatism.  Our approach is goal-oriented with recommendations and activities that greatly increase the effectiveness above and beyond other therapeutic approaches.
  • We have proven efficacy.  Our approach is practical, relevant and personalized and our results are profound.