GoodParent Coaches use proven techniques to help clients achieve their goals by providing practical guidance, individualized action-plans, and compassionate support between coaching sessions.

GoodParent Coaches support therapists and other clinicians by reinforcing the goals they set with their clients.  We provide pragmatic support outside of a therapist’s session, so that clients return for the next session with substantive progress.


Our Founder, Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie holds two advanced degrees, a five year post graduate fellowship and over two decades of experience in the area of resolving complex achievement gaps for persons 2-21 years old through the application of best practices of clinical neuropsychology, trauma informed coaching and education.

Stephanie is an educational scientist (patent holder) in the area of developing non-screen based immersive learning programs and products.

Stephanie’s passion is to apply these skills in order to work to maximize the potential of high conflict families where complex trauma, addiction, personality disorder and/or at least one family member with complex special needs is present.