Adulting is hard. Life is full of curve balls. We can help maximize the potential of your family – one step at a time.

Parenting is never what we think it will be. The stress, anxiety, and fear that come along with engaged parenting can be completely debilitating. Let us help you successfully navigate even the most complicated parenting situations. Here at Effective Parenting Solutions, there is no family system conundrum that we can’t find a clear, productive path through. Special needs, medical fragility, behavioral health concerns, divorce – we will get you through to the other side. We are privileged to work with families across the nation – both in person and through virtual platforms of connection.

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Our ability to realize a clear path through even the most complex family dynamics will help you to see Parenting Order success.

The overall objective of parenting coordination is to assist parents successfully implement their parenting plan, to monitor compliance with the details of the plan, to resolve conflicts regarding their children and the parenting plan in a timely manner, and to protect and sustain safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships.

Here at our Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinators and family systems experts will work with you to identify, realize and plan successful ways to move your family forward – with hope, grace, and intention.

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Whether you and your family are in need of a neutral expert witness or a subjective custody review, we will bring compassion, discretion, expertise, and efficacy to the table as we scaffold a plan that will move your family forward with positive momentum. When parents divorce, the divorce decree must establish plans for child custody, visitation/access, and child support. Many parents use mediation or get assistance from their attorney in working out plans for the children. The custody settlement or parenting agreement is then submitted to the court for approval.

When parents are unable to resolve disputes about child custody, a trial will be held and the judge will decide the issues. Prior to the trial, the judge may require the family to participate in a child custody evaluation. A custody evaluation provides information about the family to help the parents and the judge reach a decision that will be in the best interests of the children. Custody evaluations may also be used in post-decree cases when parenting disputes arise after the initial divorce has been granted.


A: A custody evaluation is:

  • An assessment of the needs of your children and each parent’s ability to meet those needs.
  • Directed toward helping your family make a positive adjustment to divorce.
  • Attentive to past events, present resources and future needs of the family.
  • Concerned with the strengths and weaknesses of both parents.
  • Focused on the “best interests” of children.

A custody evaluation does not:

  • Determine fault or blame for your divorce.
  • Take one parent’s side against the other.

Here at Effective Parenting Solutions our Nationally Certified Custody Evaluators and family systems experts will work with you to identify, realize and plan successful ways to move your family forward – with hope, grace, and intention.

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Unemployment, investment loss, divorce- financial devastation can hit unexpectedly and at no fault to the recipient. Allow our team of veteran bankers create a bridge that will take you from financial distress to economic hope and freedom. Whether you simply need credit report triage or require a full financial plan over-haul – we can get you to where you need to go.

There is an infinite number of reasons as to why a family may find it in the best interest of their children to participate in supervised visitation and/or transfers. Let our highly trained supervision staff provide you with that discreet, compassionate and reliable support that your family requires. We place tremendous emphasis on both confidentiality and care for each family member.

The world of special education and procuring appropriate services for your child can be confusing, frustrating, stressful and demoralizing.
We know how to identify the central issues present in the educational environment that is impeding your child from experiencing maximum social, behavioral and academic rewards.

Whether your public school, privately educate or home instruct- we can create a plan that will realize potential.

Additional Parenting Support

Educational and therapeutic classes, groups and retreats with areas of specificity in exceptional family members, betrayal recovery, domestic violence recovery, special needs and military culture.

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